2011: 2-cm versus 4-cm surgical excision margins for primary cutaneous melanoma thicker than 2 mm: a randomised, multicentre trial

EANM-EORTC general recommendations for sentinel node diagnostics in melanoma
By Annette H. Chakera, Birger Hesse et al.

Sentinel node biopsy for melanoma: a study of 241 patients
Annette Hougaard Chakeraa, Krzysztof Tadeusz Drzewieckia, Annika Eigtvedb and Birgitte Ravn Juhlc

Abstract: Assessment of Fetal Risk from Sentinel Node (SN) Examinations in Pregnant Women
Malignant Melanoma in Denmark in the period 1985-94 By Lone Bak Hansen
En rapport af Annette H. Chakera om hendes studieophold på Sydney Melanoma Unit.